Monday, May 24, 2010

The Streak is Over

After losing at least 4 pounds each of the last 7 weeks the streak is over. Todays weigh in showed a loss of 2 pounds.

I am not unhappy in the least by the 2 pounds. If I'm losing I'm winning.

I've been waiting for my weight loss to slow down/plateau and have a new phase of exercise and intensity planned out for when it happens. For now I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing until I only lose 2 pounds total over a period of 2 weeks.

So next week will be just like last week and the week before that until I stop getting results.

I am 2 pounds closer to my goal!



  1. Maybe you are just settling in to a more reasonable rate of loss. 45 pounds in less than 90 days is amazing, but that rate might not be too sustainable.

    Your progress is amazing! You're advice to me was dead-on. I was taking my earlier "exercise-free" weight loss for granted and my progress stopped. This past week, I have been doing something almost every day and I think it worked well.

    Thanks for the advice and for setting a blistering pace!

  2. 2 lbs is still awesome! Way to go :)

  3. Great work MM, keep it up!

  4. Marcus, that's amazing. Agree with Clyde - focus on sustainable, long-term loss. Keep up the great work!

  5. Nice job this week. :)

    Wow, you are so prepared! Tell us more about your plateau-busting plan, please!

  6. Great job and I LOVE that you are so focused you already have a plan for the lower times of weight loss. I think thats where a lot of us stumble... we have no plan, feel discouraged and mess up :( *Meeeeeeee :)))*

    Thanks for always being such a motivator :)

  7. got a HUGE jump on this weight loss thing with the 43 lbs in 10 weeks...I very rarely see that kind of success with beginners, so be proud!! It may be time to even out a tad...nothing wrong with that!! Just keep doing what you know is right and you'll be hitting your goal before you know it. Proud of you babe. :)