Friday, May 14, 2010

The Power of Food and the Power of the Mind

Just made a HUGE pot of turkey chili. Has all kinds of beans and vegetables in it plus a ridiculous amount of ground turkey breast. It is meaty! I like spicy food and I really put some fire into it.

Unfortunately it is so good that I had a second helping. Now I feel stuffed. Oh well, I could do way way worse than that. I see some extra bike work coming in my very very near future.

This week has gone pretty good. Been eating good and working out on schedule. The workouts have been good but I haven't had a "maniac" style, super sweaty, bike ride in a while. I might have to plan an in the dark blaster ride this weekend.

Leading up to Mothers day I went shopping with a friend of mine. He went into a chocolate store in the mall to get something for his mom and I went in with him. Now... There was no chance that I was going to get anything for myself, I'm like a bank vault, no way you get in this body you little chocolate criminals! No matter how tempting I knew that I wouldn't break, which is a pretty empowering feeling I must say!

As I walked through the store looking through the glass display at all the little evil sweets, smelling the chocolate air, reading through the price list I noticed something. It was hard not to notice to be honest. My mouth was watering. I'm talking big time watering. I was worried that if I opened my mouth to say something I would have drooled all over myself.

What power foods have over us. I mean there was honestly a zero percent chance that I would have indulged. I stood there and pondered all of this. I never had to get out of there, I didn't even feel tempted to tell you the truth but I was amazed at the physical reaction my body was having.

Too bad for you Mr. Watering mouth, because there's a new Sheriff in town! As we continued out of the store and through the mall I felt very very content with myself.

For now, I need to rest my turkey belly...

Gobble gobble



  1. Awesome control. It is wierd, but I have had the same ability to control those cravings (for the most part) and just not struggle with the temptation. Specifically for the sweet stuff.

    Hey, I am going to need that turkey chili recipe...PLEASE. It sounds so good.

  2. Wow! Your control is powerful. Your mind overcame your body. Good for you!

    That chili sounds great! Spicy is good. :) Def feel free to share your recipe.

  3. Great idea with the turkey chili! Love it :)

    Isnt it funny how even when we arent wanting something our bodies are almost trained to react differently? Great job on the self control and listening to your head and not your mouth ... that would be a tough situation fora lot of ppl :)