Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It is one of my passions. Since the weather seems to have finally turned to the warm side I've been out a couple of times so far this season. One big thing I notice is I can swing a golf club much more freely since I don't have quite as large of a belly to get in the way as compared to last season.

It's nice to be able to walk the course and feel strong from the first hole to the last instead of progressively getting slower and more tired. I've never like using a golf cart, I prefer to walk the course with my golf bag on a push cart.

I brought a pedometer with me on the course to see how many steps I take in a round of golf at the course I play most often. Just over 10,000 steps! Wow didn't think it would be that many.

I don't think golf is a really good exercise. It is exercise but for the amount of time it eats up it's not a very good use of workout time. So golf for me is a mental break. I love being out on the course with friends on a nice day. The fresh air, the quiet, the gentlemanly etiquette coupled with some good natured ribbing handed down from the Amigos when a shot is completely muffed.

I wish I had more spare time for it. I also wish I was a lot better at it. It is so satisfying when you hit a really great shot.

My golf wardrobe desperately needs updating. I've been playing in 4XL shirts. They are way to baggy right now. It's nice and loose for the swing but it does not look good.


  1. golf sounds awesome... i think I might like to try it /learn it someday

  2. Nice. I pretty much can't go on a course with a vodka cranberry! Sounds tasty right now, but I only golf about twice a year.

    Glad to hear about this hobby. I had no idea.

  3. You should model your new wardrobe for us! Don't you love the feeling of having baggy clothes? Sure, the baggy clothes suck, but the measure of progress is awesome! I'm between sizes right now, and I don't wear tight shirts (not with my sack-like baby belly), so I'm stuck in the huge shirts. I can't believe they used to be tight!

    I can't believe you took 10k steps at the golf course! WOW! Those aren't bad numbers for a 'mental break' activity.