Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting Angry with Myself ?

It seems a little silly but lately I've been getting a little angry with my success up until this point. This may seem a little confusing so bare with me here a second while I try to explain this.

I am totally thrilled with what I have accomplished up this point. I've applied all the common sense I have and all the tidbits of information that I've learned over the years from reading into this endeavor to lose weight and be healthy. So far it is working beyond my expectations, 43 pounds lost in 10 weeks, this truly makes me ecstatic.

So where does the anger come from? It comes from the thought :"Why did I wait so long to do this?"

I'm sure many who read this can relate to the daily unhappiness of being overweight. Everyday I would wake up and think about it. Self conscious at every turn in life about what others are thinking of me, saying behind my back. The sound of a snicker as I passed a group of people immediately registered in my brain that they were laughing at my fat ass. Feeling physically and emotionally unwell. I put on a brave face and socially found my way into a great circle of friends but I was always miserable on the inside.

So since it's obvious to me now that I know how to deal with this weight problem, that it's not impossible, that I have the knowledge and the drive to be successful the thing the irks me is that I didn't do this for myself 10 years ago.

My message to anyone who reads this post is to not put things off. If you are unhappy with your weight/health or something else in your life take the steps necessary to start correcting the situation NOW. Not tomorrow, not even today.. RIGHT NOW! Even just planning how you will live the rest of today is a first step to change. What are we waiting for? So many people, myself included, have to hit rock bottom before they make the necessary life changes.

Don't wait people, don't put it off, don't let it get side tracked, don't say you will start tomorrow, DON'T DENY YOURSELF THE HAPPINESS THAT YOU ALL DESERVE. Who knows how many days of life we will each be blessed with, don't waste them being unhappy. I'm not going to waste anymore time looking back with anger. Instead I will reflect and learn and live and love and laugh.

Live every day proud that your actions and decisions are positive ones. Love and treat your body like the temple housing your mind and soul that it is.... and start doing it right now!



  1. Marcus, congratulations on your terrific weight loss so far. You are right, it is so easy to look in the rear view mirror and regret not starting earlier, but it's equally important that we start, no matter when. I'm sure you are glad that you did.

  2. Great post MM. Everytime I weigh in I think about all the times before I lost weight and eventually gave up on myself and put the weight back on. If I had only stuck with it 2, 5, 10 years ago...I wouldn't be going through this now.

    Great job on you success for far, MM. You are doing great.

  3. Love the part where you said "even planning how to live the rest of today is change..."

    That is so true and many of us (ME!) need to go just day by day sometimes. Thanks for reminding me this morning to seize allll of the opportunities today to be healthy and happy :)

  4. BIG HUGS! What a great message. I especially love "Live every day proud that your actions and decisions are positive ones."

    Please don't be angry with yourself; be happy that you're doing this now and that you didn't wait another decade to do it. :)

  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone.