Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm Through almost a Third of a Pie?

I can't believe that I have done this! A new perspective of my accomplishments and progress towards my ultimate goal of losing 120 pounds. That is a pretty decent hunk of my progress pie right there!

The numbers and letters are a little hard to read. The blue section says I have 85 pounds left to lose(70.8% of my goal) and the green section says I've lost 35 pounds(29.2% of my goal) All that blue tells me that I have got a long way to go still but that green piece tells me that I am getting there!

I know that people tend to lose a lot of weight in the beginning and then plateau for a while. I've been waiting for this and have been sort of expecting it at each of my weigh ins only to be surprised with a string of weekly 4 pound losses. My goal from the start was to lose 2-3 pounds per week. Each Monday before I step on the scale I prepare myself to not be disappointed that I didn't reach that goal. That I might weigh the same as the week before or maybe even more but each time I am truly amazed.

Maybe this week it will happen? As good as I am doing there is still that voice in my head Monday morning wondering: "Did I do enough this week? I should of done more." It's only Saturday and I am already wondering about it.



  1. You are doing AWESOME, MM. Don't look for trouble. Eat better, move more, stay on plan. You are doing these so well!

    I'll look forward to seeing that pie turn green, week by week.

  2. LOVE the pie chart *Im so a charts and graphs girl, helps me to see visually where I am at* you are doing great!

    I have to say I think you are like an unstoppable freight train at this point and I love it! Each time I read your posts I can literally hear your excitement, your enthusiasm for not just the weight loss, but for the whole process. Sooooo encouraging!

    Thanks for sharing your motivation and drive with some one like me who really needs to hear it to keep up :)

  3. Great pie! Can I ask how you picked your goal weight? I haven't picked one for myself yet, so I'm always curious about how and why people choose a goal weight.

    Massive Marcus is kicking massive butt. My strategy for not getting discouraged by a plateau is to focus on my health. We are treating our bodies so great! Trying to think about how much better off my body and my health are now is like trying to comprehend the infinity of space. :)

  4. P.S. - Your concealed weapons comment cracked me up!

  5. Cinci-

    My goal was 2 to 3 pounds per week. In a year that would be 104 to 156 pounds lost.

    I thought I would go with 10 pounds per month for a year as a good average. That's where I got 120. It would make me 207 which is less then I weighed high school.

  6. Haha, that's simple enough! You're well on your way. Heck, you're practically a Mid-Size Marcus.

  7. Great idea! And seeing a big chunk gone is the greatest motivator!

  8. Way to go MM. Normally a slice of pie that big is bad for you but in this case...Awesome!

  9. Nice work MM. Looking for the "whole green pie".

    Keep it up!!