Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Night Rider

I have the bike set up in a small room, it is the bike riding room, that is its only function. I have a TV at eye level while I ride, and a tall halogen lamp in the room. There are shelves on the wall beside the bike where I keep remotes and towels, there are some electronic devices hooked up to the TV, that is all that is in the room.

Sometimes I listen to the IPOD, sometimes I watch TV, Sometimes I listen to the IPOD while watching TV. Anyways, I had the lights off watching TV and riding when I decided to turn off the TV and just listen to music. Forgetting that the halogen light was off, I turned off the TV and dropped the remote. Complete darkness. SHIT! I didn't want to get off the bike and interrupt the workout so I just kept riding in the darkness.

Immediately after I decided to just ride in the dark and got into a comfortable resistance there was that familiar click inside my brain. The switch between mortal man and calorie terminator getting thrown. I was locked and loaded, pumping those pedals hard. Like a laser beam I was focused and unwavering. I was on a mission, I had a target, I was relentless, I was unstoppable!

With nothing to focus on except the feeling in my legs I kept pedaling faster and harder and the amount of sweat dripping off me was off the chart. Thats the first time I've ever felt sweat running down my arms and dripping off at my wrists. I was totally drenched.

I probably only rode that way for 12 to 15 minutes (3 songs) But I felt like I burned as much as I do in a 45 minute ride. Intense and insane workout!

I am purposefully going to try riding in the dark again.



  1. Very interesting. Now, if you tell us tomorrow that you are going to start doing this in clown makeup, then we'll have to call the authorities.

  2. Interesting concept. I ride an exercise bike, too. After about 15 years of really no exercise, last summer I started biking and I got a stationary bike when it go too cold out. I love the stationary bike because it's parked right in front of the TV with DVR. So I can keep up with my shows and the time flies. But a while back I read that you burn more calories when you you're paying attention to your exercise, not something else. You're making me think.

  3. Clyde haven't you see The Terminator? The authorities are no match for me!

  4. Sometimes when I ride the stationary i try to close my eyes for a while and see what kind of results I get after a song...but I always peek. I guess no lights would solve that problem. Great Job.

  5. It's cool how the darkness created new focus. Keep up the good work!

  6. Wow that was really interesting! It was cool to read how your focus shifted and your workout became more intense with less distraction.... very interesting indeed.

  7. Haha, you could start a fitness fad here! Exercising in the dark... Who would have thought? It sounds like you had a kick-butt workout!