Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Them people are crazy

By them people I mean the crazies at the gym. I think we did 1000 jumping jacks today in the kickboxing class. I feel tired after 20.

Sometimes the instructor is telling us to do push ups, the crazies are doing them with one foot in the air. They modify a lot of the workout to make it even harder. One day maybe I will be a crazy on the outside, right now I'm just a little crazy on the inside.

I feel so good after a kickboxing class but when I get home I just collapse onto the couch and usually stay there the rest of the night. It is such an energy sucking workout. I can literally feel my entire body buzzing as I sit on the couch. When I eventually get up off the couch Im moving very slowly. My legs feel like jello.... Thanks a lot jumping jacks and squats.

Keep jumping and squatting people... Your body will hate you for it, but it's for it's own good.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Weigh In.

Another hard week of workouts and another good result on the scale. This morning I am down to 264 pounds with a loss of 4 pounds.

In total I have lost 63 pounds. In the two weeks since I have joined the gym I have lost 10 pounds! That makes me absolutely excited and giddy. It also reinforces that the substantial work load I am imposing on myself is getting results and progressing this transformation.

So now I stand ready, looking at the week ahead with a renewed focus and determination. I have a feeling that I have a firm grasp on my life right now, the obstacles and the journey to achieve my goals feel less and less daunting by the day! When I think forward to the challenges that lay before me I have a one word answer in my head...... CONQUER!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brain Droppings

Hello everyone. I have been so busy the last few weeks but not in a bad way.

I read a line today from another blogger that read something like: "The smaller you get the bigger your world gets" That really struck me as being so true. I have so many more things going on now. Instead of doing nothing except sitting my fat can on the couch and eating I have to actually decide between one event or another. It is a much more full filling life and I've still got so much weight to lose that it excites me as to how much more different, better, BIGGER my world can become.

I like lifting weights. I feel bigger (in the right places) but I don't see it in the mirror yet. Hard to explain but it's like a fullness through my chest and back and arms. The kick boxing class has made my abs sore, actually it makes a lot of things sore but I don't know if I can recall ever having sore ab muscles. At least to the point where you feel them no matter what movement you are making. It's not a crippling soreness, just a reminder that I did some intense stuff. Actually a good feeling in a way.

I've done the class 3 times now. Each time there was a different instructor. If I understand correctly the class is offered on mon, tue, thur, fri, sat and that of the 5 classes there are 3 instructors and they always do the same days. So the Monday person will always be the Monday person etc.

I've met and started speaking to some of the other "regulars" as they call it who take the classes often and they all agree that the guy I had my first class with is the toughest. I have met some nice people in that class. They are all smiley, motivating, encouraging... The complete opposite of what I expected. Actually I'm not sure what I was expecting, I guess I was expecting the worst.

The two other instructors have totally different styles then the first guy I did the class with but they are still insanely difficult. One was more cardio intense and the other one was a lot more technical with how me punched and kicked the bags, doing combinations and foot work stuff.

The staff at the front desk of the gym are starting to recognize me and some have learned my name and say "Hi Marcus!" as I walk in. I like it there, and I like how I feel after words when I've completed a hard workout.

I think I'm becoming a gym rat.....


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

That class was CRAZY!

I would of liked to have seen the look on my face when the instructor told us that we would warm up for our kick boxing class by running. What? Running?.......but I thought we would just be standing and punching the bags......

Before I could process the thought any further the whole class around me had started running laps around the class. So I jumped into the herd and started running with everyone else. Let me tell you something about these people In this class... There is aboaut 50 of them and they are very fit, very lean and I was easily the biggest most out of shape person there.

So we ran for 3 or 4 minutes before being told to stop and start doing jumping jacks, at this point my lungs are burning, I am not used to this kind of activity at all. Finally we started punching the bags, I was already exhausted, I couldn't even keep my arms up because my shoulders were on fire after about a minute of punching., I looked at the clock, we were 5 minutes into a class that is 60 minutes long! Holy crap how was I going to survive another 55 minutes?

At one point we were doing 10 pushups, followed by 10 sit ups, followed by 10 squats, followed by pushups, sit-ups, squats, push, sit, squat, push, sit, squat. Over and over and over with no rest... It was crazy, I thought I was going to die. Half the time I couldn't even do it, I had to stand there and watch other people doing it while I tried to catch my breath.

Then we did something called bur pees, they are Insane. I just wanted to lay down on the floor and rest. Lol!

On top of all of that we did a bunch of kicking and punching, the last 10 minutes of the class we did ab exercises. That class was tough.

After the class was over I walked out of the class and sat down on a bench to rest ,I felt like I was the punching bag, all beat up and abused. I sat there for a while just trying to gather myself before heading to the locker room. The instructor from the class walked out and saw me sitting there and came over to talk to me.

I told him how overwhelmed I was at the difficulty of what we were doing. He said that he thought I did great for someone my size. Even tho that was meant as a nice comment it kind of hurts when you,ve already lost almost 60 pounds. We chatted for a little while longer he was really nice and supportive. I told him I might wait till I am In better shape before trying it again. He told me that I should just keep coming and do as much as I could and rest when I need to.

To sum up the class: it was fucking hard....


Monday, June 21, 2010

The gym works

Well one week into my gym membership and I have a great result. I lost 6 pounds this week!

I am really glad to see that 6, not just because it's awesome, but because I worked so hard this week. I felt so wiped out every night and generally ached all over my body with any move I made.

Tonight I am going to try one of the classes. It's a kickboxing class where you punch and kick punching bags while an instructor barks orders at you. I am a little apprehensive and excited at the same time about the class. I have already got my boxing gloves ready in my gym bag with the rest of my stuff.

I'll let you guys know how the kick boxing class goes. I have an hour to lay down and rest before I have to leave.

Keep kicking and punching people!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Giving It My All

Thats what I've tried to do this week at the gym, give it my all.

I'm proud to say that I have put in a great effort in my first week at the gym. We will see what Mr. Scale has to say about it tomorrow.

I don't think I have ever slept so much. It's all I can do to keep my eyes open an hour after dinner. There isn't one part of my body that hasn't felt sore this week, even my neck is sore.

Also the eating has kind of been off the charts. I ate way more this week then usual but I am also putting forth a lot more physical effort in a day.

It's only 2:30 pm and even as I type this I am nodding off at the key board. I need a nap.

I feel beat up but in a good way, actually I feel alive... tired and sleepy but alive.

Marcus Nap Now.....................................


Thursday, June 17, 2010

First couple of gym workouts

Well I got in my first couple of gym workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday. They went really well and I am really tired.

On the first day I did a lower body only workout and then upper body on the second day. I am already starting to feel sore in my legs and am expecting my upper body to follow suit soon.

Here are some things I didn't expect or wasn't prepared for with going to the gym:


I am very focused but I am a man and wasn't prepared for all the very fit and beautiful women parading around in tight workout attire. I think my neck got a pretty good workout! lol.


There are so many people at the gym around 6pm. When I signed up it was about 2pm on a Monday and much less busy. Oh well there seems to be ample cardio equipment.

All in all my experiences so far with the gym have been good ones. The staff seem really nice and there are people of all shapes and sizes and genders and ages so I don't feel out of place.

There are a lot of classes that I can try out too. A couple that have caught my eye is a cycling class and various level of swimming classes. for now though I think I got my hands full with the weight machines but I'm going to try and peek into a class when they are going on to see what they are like.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I FAILED........

After 13 weeks of making my weekly weight loss goal of 2 to 3 pounds I have failed. I did nothing differently nutrition or exercise wise compared to the last 5 or 6 weeks. The 14th week of my transformation concludes with a loss of only 1 pound. Don't worry my fellow peeps, I am not discouraged, I am not unhappy and I have been waiting for this kind of a weigh in for some time now. I am actually happy to have failed, as weird as that sounds.

I have had a plan in the works for awhile about what I would do when I stopped getting results. Frankly, I've been getting anxious because I've been looking forward to the next phase in my master plan. But week after week I had no reason to make a change because the scale was rewarding me for my dedication and perseverance to a total lifestyle change.

So what is the next phase in my master plan?

I will continue riding my bike first thing in the morning as I have been. On top of that I will add 3 to 4 days of weights at the gym. That's right... at the GYM!...the one I joined this morning! I've already had my first gym workout! Well it wasn't really a workout I just tried out about every single piece of equipment I could get my hands on.

I got to tell you folks that I am super pumped to get in there and pump some iron! The gym is about a 5 minute drive from my house, it's open 24 hours and it's kind of fancy with things like big flat screen tv's in the change room and stuff. All kinds of bikes, some with their own built in tv screens ( But I've already concluded that my bike is still the best) Treadmills, escalator machines, too much stuff to remember. In the weight room they have hand weights that go from 5 pounds to 150 pounds. Who in the world needs a 150 weight in each hand? Clyde would probably agree that Andre could use them.

Tomorrow morning I ride my bike, then go to work, then go to the gym for my first real gym workout.

I am more determined then ever.

I am unstoppable.

I am a laser beam, focused, direct and unwavering.

I am a relentless, locked and loaded, Calorie Terminator!



Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Really Enjoy Blogging

The whole blogosphere in general and the support from others trying to lose weight is awesome. I've posted before that I am really glad I stumbled upon this community. Having a bunch of people who can relate, in a personal way, to the struggles on obese person deals with is great.

The one thing that isn't so great is the amount of time blogging can eat up. It's funny that the old me, who didn't do anything except sit around all day, would have all kinds of time to blog. The new me has a lot less free time because of all the exercise and cooking.

There is also all this new found energy I have. Losing over 50 pounds has had a definite effect on my ability to sit still. I need to move, get up and out and about. That is where my golfing has really helped. A few hours walking around a golf course really helps to burn off some of that nervous energy that just wants to burst out of me some days.

I have no intention of giving up on my blog, now or in the future. I'm just trying to be as efficient as possible. It's hard thou because I love to read others blogs as well and post messages to them. And I'm constantly meeting new people and adding them to my blog roll. It's made me consider buying an Iphone or a similar device just so I can blog from anywhere... Like while I'm riding my stationary bike. That would be kind of neat, but it also might take away from the intensity of my workouts.

So far this week everything has been humming along real well. Food, exercise, golf, nice weather... no complaints!

Well in keeping with the theme of this post I'm going to end this here because I'm going golfing! Hope everyone is having a safe and happy weekend.



Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Weigh In

Weight loss is starting to be all over the map now. Had a great week of exercise and nutrition and for my efforts the scale says I am down 2 more pounds.

My goal from the start was to lose 2 to 3 pounds per week which means: Success!

After 13 weeks a 2 to 3 pound loss would be 26 to 39 pounds. I have lost 52 which is an average of 4 pounds per week. I am completely amazed at myself.

I don't know what else to say except that I feel AWESOME!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's Ambitious and for a Good Cause

I signed up for a 5km run in October. The "Run for a Cure" race raises money for breast cancer research. This is something close to my heart because my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer about 18 months ago. Two surgeries and a round of chemotherapy later I'm glad to say that my mom is still here. She is an incredibly caring and sweet woman, this disease has shown me that she is also one tough lady. Never complained, was always positive..... She is my Hero!

When I signed up I thought that maybe in 4 months I will be able to run the entire 5km. Talk about ambitious, I don't run for more than a block right now. It's a run/walk kind of race so I could walk some, run some.

So for now my goal is to raise as much money as I can and to run as much of the race as is possible for me.

I don't even like running,


Friday, June 4, 2010

Sizing Down

Well I had to break down and buy some new clothes. I've been reluctant to do it because I feel like I am in a transition phase. I don't want to buy new clothes now and then have to buy new clothes again in 2 or 3 months.

I just need some stuff to get me through summer/fall and then hopefully I can buy a nicer more permanent wardrobe for winter and eventually next summer.

So "cheap" was the shopping word of the day. Enter Wallmart, I bought 3 pairs of shorts and 3 shirts for $54. The shirts fit but are a little snuggly at 2XL but I'm expecting that to change in the near future. They are just collared shirts, nothing exciting, nothing I overly like, just transitional stuff. My 4XL shirts are just way too big right now but I can wear them indoors while I work out.

2 of the 3 pairs of shorts I can go swimming in. They are all 3XL size. I've got big legs and a big but and need the room. I could put a pair of 2XL's on but they were tight and I would be uncomfortable in public.

I'm looking most forward to buying a nice pair of jeans in a 30 something size instead of a size 56 plus. I've got a pair of size 60 golf pants that are just ridiculously baggy on me right now. At my heaviest they were a roomy pair of pants so that I could comfortably go through my golf swing and not worry about them tearing when I sat down or bent over. Size 60 people!

It's awesome to have your old clothes feel all baggy and to be able to buy smaller sized clothes but at the same time I feel like I am in limbo. Like I'm just waiting to see how it all turns out.