Friday, June 4, 2010

Sizing Down

Well I had to break down and buy some new clothes. I've been reluctant to do it because I feel like I am in a transition phase. I don't want to buy new clothes now and then have to buy new clothes again in 2 or 3 months.

I just need some stuff to get me through summer/fall and then hopefully I can buy a nicer more permanent wardrobe for winter and eventually next summer.

So "cheap" was the shopping word of the day. Enter Wallmart, I bought 3 pairs of shorts and 3 shirts for $54. The shirts fit but are a little snuggly at 2XL but I'm expecting that to change in the near future. They are just collared shirts, nothing exciting, nothing I overly like, just transitional stuff. My 4XL shirts are just way too big right now but I can wear them indoors while I work out.

2 of the 3 pairs of shorts I can go swimming in. They are all 3XL size. I've got big legs and a big but and need the room. I could put a pair of 2XL's on but they were tight and I would be uncomfortable in public.

I'm looking most forward to buying a nice pair of jeans in a 30 something size instead of a size 56 plus. I've got a pair of size 60 golf pants that are just ridiculously baggy on me right now. At my heaviest they were a roomy pair of pants so that I could comfortably go through my golf swing and not worry about them tearing when I sat down or bent over. Size 60 people!

It's awesome to have your old clothes feel all baggy and to be able to buy smaller sized clothes but at the same time I feel like I am in limbo. Like I'm just waiting to see how it all turns out.



  1. That is a great feeling! Good for you, Marcus. Your hard work is certainly paying off.

  2. That's awesome, MM! I think you made the right purchases too.

    Keep it up, brother!

  3. Okay, so be honest: Does wearing your new clothes make you feel better? A lot of my t-shirts are hugely baggy now, and I always feel really great when I wear something that fits. Nice job shopping cheap at Wally World!!

    I know what you mean about not wanting to buy much because you're just transitioning. Haha, I only have one pair of shorts! I love them to death, but I can't justify spending more money on something that won't fit for long.

    Are you getting rid of your old clothes? Donate them! Get rid of them for good!!! :)

  4. I had about 4-5 sizes in my closet and when I got down to the smallest size, it was a day I wanted to shout for joy! That was last fall...I'm still in them - I totally understand limbo, but I am about to bust outta there!
    I just found you and you look like you are doing phenomenal! Keep up the great work and find the joy in every victory.

  5. Marcus, that is just AWESOME! Keep up the good work...