Monday, June 21, 2010

The gym works

Well one week into my gym membership and I have a great result. I lost 6 pounds this week!

I am really glad to see that 6, not just because it's awesome, but because I worked so hard this week. I felt so wiped out every night and generally ached all over my body with any move I made.

Tonight I am going to try one of the classes. It's a kickboxing class where you punch and kick punching bags while an instructor barks orders at you. I am a little apprehensive and excited at the same time about the class. I have already got my boxing gloves ready in my gym bag with the rest of my stuff.

I'll let you guys know how the kick boxing class goes. I have an hour to lay down and rest before I have to leave.

Keep kicking and punching people!



  1. The gym works? How about the Marcus works? Haha, good work this week! I'll try not to be too sad about your leaving me in the dust this week. :) Your kickboxing class sounds awesome!!! I can't wait to hear about it. You sound so happy and excited. Doesn't it feel good?

  2. Keep up the great work, MM! You are an inspiration!

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  4. Excellent discovery. Kick boxing sounds intense, but great.