Wednesday, June 23, 2010

That class was CRAZY!

I would of liked to have seen the look on my face when the instructor told us that we would warm up for our kick boxing class by running. What? Running?.......but I thought we would just be standing and punching the bags......

Before I could process the thought any further the whole class around me had started running laps around the class. So I jumped into the herd and started running with everyone else. Let me tell you something about these people In this class... There is aboaut 50 of them and they are very fit, very lean and I was easily the biggest most out of shape person there.

So we ran for 3 or 4 minutes before being told to stop and start doing jumping jacks, at this point my lungs are burning, I am not used to this kind of activity at all. Finally we started punching the bags, I was already exhausted, I couldn't even keep my arms up because my shoulders were on fire after about a minute of punching., I looked at the clock, we were 5 minutes into a class that is 60 minutes long! Holy crap how was I going to survive another 55 minutes?

At one point we were doing 10 pushups, followed by 10 sit ups, followed by 10 squats, followed by pushups, sit-ups, squats, push, sit, squat, push, sit, squat. Over and over and over with no rest... It was crazy, I thought I was going to die. Half the time I couldn't even do it, I had to stand there and watch other people doing it while I tried to catch my breath.

Then we did something called bur pees, they are Insane. I just wanted to lay down on the floor and rest. Lol!

On top of all of that we did a bunch of kicking and punching, the last 10 minutes of the class we did ab exercises. That class was tough.

After the class was over I walked out of the class and sat down on a bench to rest ,I felt like I was the punching bag, all beat up and abused. I sat there for a while just trying to gather myself before heading to the locker room. The instructor from the class walked out and saw me sitting there and came over to talk to me.

I told him how overwhelmed I was at the difficulty of what we were doing. He said that he thought I did great for someone my size. Even tho that was meant as a nice comment it kind of hurts when you,ve already lost almost 60 pounds. We chatted for a little while longer he was really nice and supportive. I told him I might wait till I am In better shape before trying it again. He told me that I should just keep coming and do as much as I could and rest when I need to.

To sum up the class: it was fucking hard....



  1. WTH are bur pees? I keep hearing about them, but I have no idea. It sounds like it was hideous, but I give you mucho grande credit for not walking out. I would've been tempted to leave after those first few minutes. What a victory! Even though you didn't finish, you had the balls to go AND stay!

  2. I HATE burpees!!! But I do them. take classes at my community college because they are cheap and the people around me are young and fit and I am super competitive. Just keep going! you would be amazed at how fast this class with become easier for you.

  3. I am not doing this, excercising hardcore at a gym, but I think you should keep it up. You are doing so well.

  4. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That sounds super intense. I am so proud of you for doing that workout! Yea, that class was effing hard, but you're and effing BEAST! Nice job, Marcus! I agree with the instructor: You should totally keep going!

    I'm so happy for you. :)

  5. Now you have a challenge - a fitness goal! WTG! I also think you should keep going to the class. You will feel very proud when you can do the whole class, and you'll surprise yourself with how quickly you'll catch on and keep up.