Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brain Droppings

Hello everyone. I have been so busy the last few weeks but not in a bad way.

I read a line today from another blogger that read something like: "The smaller you get the bigger your world gets" That really struck me as being so true. I have so many more things going on now. Instead of doing nothing except sitting my fat can on the couch and eating I have to actually decide between one event or another. It is a much more full filling life and I've still got so much weight to lose that it excites me as to how much more different, better, BIGGER my world can become.

I like lifting weights. I feel bigger (in the right places) but I don't see it in the mirror yet. Hard to explain but it's like a fullness through my chest and back and arms. The kick boxing class has made my abs sore, actually it makes a lot of things sore but I don't know if I can recall ever having sore ab muscles. At least to the point where you feel them no matter what movement you are making. It's not a crippling soreness, just a reminder that I did some intense stuff. Actually a good feeling in a way.

I've done the class 3 times now. Each time there was a different instructor. If I understand correctly the class is offered on mon, tue, thur, fri, sat and that of the 5 classes there are 3 instructors and they always do the same days. So the Monday person will always be the Monday person etc.

I've met and started speaking to some of the other "regulars" as they call it who take the classes often and they all agree that the guy I had my first class with is the toughest. I have met some nice people in that class. They are all smiley, motivating, encouraging... The complete opposite of what I expected. Actually I'm not sure what I was expecting, I guess I was expecting the worst.

The two other instructors have totally different styles then the first guy I did the class with but they are still insanely difficult. One was more cardio intense and the other one was a lot more technical with how me punched and kicked the bags, doing combinations and foot work stuff.

The staff at the front desk of the gym are starting to recognize me and some have learned my name and say "Hi Marcus!" as I walk in. I like it there, and I like how I feel after words when I've completed a hard workout.

I think I'm becoming a gym rat.....



  1. Congratulations on your transformation! I know how good it feels for someone to notice your weight loss. How great to be greeted, by name, at an exercise joint.

  2. Good for you, Marcus. You are have set the example, in my opinion, over the last several months. Congratulations for all you have achieved! You are cool, my friend.

  3. Do you have before pics? I know there aren't any on your blog, but it might be nice to have some just for yourself. Have you taken measurements of your body? Those are great ways to measure progress!

    I am so glad you are enjoying the classes and the other people in them! Being a gym rat is a great thing. Think back to the you from a year ago. Would you ever guess that you would be a self-described gym rat? AMAZING!!