Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's Ambitious and for a Good Cause

I signed up for a 5km run in October. The "Run for a Cure" race raises money for breast cancer research. This is something close to my heart because my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer about 18 months ago. Two surgeries and a round of chemotherapy later I'm glad to say that my mom is still here. She is an incredibly caring and sweet woman, this disease has shown me that she is also one tough lady. Never complained, was always positive..... She is my Hero!

When I signed up I thought that maybe in 4 months I will be able to run the entire 5km. Talk about ambitious, I don't run for more than a block right now. It's a run/walk kind of race so I could walk some, run some.

So for now my goal is to raise as much money as I can and to run as much of the race as is possible for me.

I don't even like running,



  1. Cool, Marcus. I am so glad to hear that your Mom is doing well. She must be very proud of you.

    By the time that race comes around, you will be sprinting that thing!

  2. I hope so Clyde. Today I have that "what have I done feeling" LOL

    It seems like a pretty daunting task right now.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your mom. This race is a great tribute to your mom!! I bet she's amazing. Good luck fund-raising! Do we know in what city your 5k will be? I can't remember if we bloggers know where you live.

    Ramsey was born with a cleft, so the March of Dimes walk is special to me. Like a total idiot, I forgot to sign up for it this year. I pick my 5k runs based on where the money goes. I had trouble finding a July race because none of the causes seemed worthy. Training seems more special when the cause is special. Think about your mom any time you struggle!!

    Have you thought about any running programs or read any running books? My best tipe is to run REALLY slow. Don't go all out and run as fast as you can. Be a turtle and find a comfortable pace.

    I had the "what have I done" feeling after I signed up for my big race, too. It's scary, isn't it?

  4. What a brilliant goal and what a fantastic cause! Will be following your progress from now on. :o)

  5. Walk/run mixtures are a very respectable way to finish a race - especially your first 5K. You won't be the only one walking if you do end up walking. Will your mom be doing it with you?

    I finished my first 5K (running) after some of the walkers. What a great activity!

  6. My Dad has MS. I walk because he can't. I'm sure your mom is very, very proud of you for taking up this cause. I know I am. :)