Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Them people are crazy

By them people I mean the crazies at the gym. I think we did 1000 jumping jacks today in the kickboxing class. I feel tired after 20.

Sometimes the instructor is telling us to do push ups, the crazies are doing them with one foot in the air. They modify a lot of the workout to make it even harder. One day maybe I will be a crazy on the outside, right now I'm just a little crazy on the inside.

I feel so good after a kickboxing class but when I get home I just collapse onto the couch and usually stay there the rest of the night. It is such an energy sucking workout. I can literally feel my entire body buzzing as I sit on the couch. When I eventually get up off the couch Im moving very slowly. My legs feel like jello.... Thanks a lot jumping jacks and squats.

Keep jumping and squatting people... Your body will hate you for it, but it's for it's own good.



  1. Just got back from a run. I was going to give up, but now your routine has guilted me into doing more! (I don't think I could handle going to the gym with you).

  2. I love reading about how your gym experiences!! I can tell you are totally loving it. Being sore from exercise is a fantastic feeling! I'm so happy for you, M!

  3. P.S. - You are totally one of the crazy people.