Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Really Enjoy Blogging

The whole blogosphere in general and the support from others trying to lose weight is awesome. I've posted before that I am really glad I stumbled upon this community. Having a bunch of people who can relate, in a personal way, to the struggles on obese person deals with is great.

The one thing that isn't so great is the amount of time blogging can eat up. It's funny that the old me, who didn't do anything except sit around all day, would have all kinds of time to blog. The new me has a lot less free time because of all the exercise and cooking.

There is also all this new found energy I have. Losing over 50 pounds has had a definite effect on my ability to sit still. I need to move, get up and out and about. That is where my golfing has really helped. A few hours walking around a golf course really helps to burn off some of that nervous energy that just wants to burst out of me some days.

I have no intention of giving up on my blog, now or in the future. I'm just trying to be as efficient as possible. It's hard thou because I love to read others blogs as well and post messages to them. And I'm constantly meeting new people and adding them to my blog roll. It's made me consider buying an Iphone or a similar device just so I can blog from anywhere... Like while I'm riding my stationary bike. That would be kind of neat, but it also might take away from the intensity of my workouts.

So far this week everything has been humming along real well. Food, exercise, golf, nice weather... no complaints!

Well in keeping with the theme of this post I'm going to end this here because I'm going golfing! Hope everyone is having a safe and happy weekend.




  1. It's sometimes tough to balance life vs. blogging about life. If real life is more important, then I'd say you are doing something right. Have fun golfing!

  2. Thanks for reminding us of the end goal, Marcus. Shoot low out there on the course!

  3. Have a great day out golfin MM :)

  4. I always like reading your blog, MM and am inspired by your success. Enjoy the day golfing. I'm going to have a quick lunch, go to the beach with my boys, then do a late afternoon run.

    (So different from where we both were 5 months ago, right?...Amazing how we can change our lives!)

  5. I really enjoy following your blog and I would love it if you would follow mine as well! Best wishes for continued success! You are an inspiration!

  6. I'm glad to hear your week is going well! Yes, I've also found that living a healthy, active life doesn't leave as much time for blogging. It's a lot better to be out living that life than it is to be sitting here typing about it, so don't ever feel guilty for not blogging. At the same time, we always love hearing from you. :)

  7. Dude....I've spent 4 hours straight before trying to read and comment on people's can get crazy. Now I just pop around here and there...there's just no way to get to everyone. Hope you had a good game. :)