Thursday, June 17, 2010

First couple of gym workouts

Well I got in my first couple of gym workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday. They went really well and I am really tired.

On the first day I did a lower body only workout and then upper body on the second day. I am already starting to feel sore in my legs and am expecting my upper body to follow suit soon.

Here are some things I didn't expect or wasn't prepared for with going to the gym:


I am very focused but I am a man and wasn't prepared for all the very fit and beautiful women parading around in tight workout attire. I think my neck got a pretty good workout! lol.


There are so many people at the gym around 6pm. When I signed up it was about 2pm on a Monday and much less busy. Oh well there seems to be ample cardio equipment.

All in all my experiences so far with the gym have been good ones. The staff seem really nice and there are people of all shapes and sizes and genders and ages so I don't feel out of place.

There are a lot of classes that I can try out too. A couple that have caught my eye is a cycling class and various level of swimming classes. for now though I think I got my hands full with the weight machines but I'm going to try and peek into a class when they are going on to see what they are like.

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  1. First couple of weeks in gym are very terrible and that makes us very tired and we feel that we should not go to the gym but after getting grip we like to spend more and more time in gym. My workout of first week in gym was very boring though I was loosing weight.
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