Friday, May 28, 2010

A Day of BBQ and Sewing...

Weird title to todays post but that is what I did today.

If you read my last post you will know that I broke one of the pedal straps on my spinning bike. I fixed it today and that is where the sewing came in.

I should have taken a before picture. Anyways, the first picture is a close up of what I did and the second picture is a further out look of the entire strap. I stitched the two ends together and then wrapped the red material (nylon/mix/?) around it and used a sewing machine with a strong thread to make it one whole piece again. It feels nice and strong and has survived one calorie terminator bike ride... so far so good! Total repair cost $0.00.!

Hey, I told you I was industrious didn't I.

Then later I did some grilling. Some large, bone in, chicken breasts Cajun Hickory style! And some colorful roasted peppers!

That's right ladies, I can cook and sew! Guys I am a still a man, don't make me fight you!

The Double MM


  1. You can cook AND sew? What a catch you are! I want some chicken now...drool :)

  2. yum... and I take back my big baby comment from yesterday.

  3. Wow! Marky Mark, I am impressed! Haha, that fix-up is just awesome. What a creative and resourceful guy you are!

    Dinner looks good. Mmm, Cajun hickory... Did you save me any? :)

  4. If you were a real man, you would have used duct tape!

    (Ha ha, just jealous of your skills.)

  5. Looks good, dude. Nice fix on the strap. You are McGuyer.

  6. Clyde: Better than McGruber I guess

    Alan: My motto is.. when in doubt DUCK IT! Unfortunately this was beyond duct tape.

    Cinci Mom : BURP!.... sorry... next time.