Friday, May 21, 2010

Someone Noticed!

I had a really neat experience today when I ran into a friend that I haven't seen since around January at the grocery store.

Heres how the conversation started:

Marcus: "Hey Janet hows it going?"

Janet: "Marcus!... You've lost weight!"

Marcus: "Um..ahh.. I don't know.. maybe a little"

Janet: "Don't bullshit me Marcus, you've lost quite a bit of weight."

And the conversation continued from there as we wandered around the store together.

I was so taken aback by the way she exclaimed: "Marcus!... You've lost weight!" She said it instantly and with such gusto. She never did say hello. As we talked I could see her scanning over me, kind of like she was distracted from the conversation as she measured me up.

She started looking at all the healthy stuff in my shopping cart. It's hard to play dumb about your weight loss when you have a shopping cart full of things like egg whites, spinach and cottage cheese. She said something like : "All right buddy the jig is up, look at all these vegetables you are buying" Ha ha..... We laughed and I told her about my lifestyle over the last 10 weeks and how much weight I've lost, blah, blah, blah...

It felt really, really, really nice to have someone notice like she did. Thats the highlight of this journey up to this point for me. I just about floated out of that grocery store because I felt so good.



  1. AWESOME!!! I have a grin from ear to ear!

  2. Yay, I bet that felt really good :)

  3. That is great, Marcus. Nice feeling for sure.

  4. Wow! Compliments like that are very special. People don't just give idle compliments. She really noticed! She noticed your hard work and your results. That's got to feel great! Recognition is a wonderful thing. Aren't you proud of yourself? :)