Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh No.....Broken Bike...

I went to get on the old trusty bike today. Just as I started pedaling something didn't feel right. One of the straps that hold your feet in the pedals broke. Damn it! It's just a strap so not that big a deal but I'm having trouble finding a replacement without having to purchase the entire pedal.

Oh well, I am industrious so I'll probably end up making my own workaround.

Kind of sucks because I was getting all geared up to ride before work and then I couldn't.

My calorie furnaces were all like: "YEAH LETS DO THIS!.....WAIT???...WHAT????.....F@$*!!!"

and I was all like: "I know..... sigh..."

Actually I could still ride the bike without the strap but it's not the same. I like to push down and pull up during the cycle rotation so I need my feet strapped in.

I know one thing for sure.. I've got to get this remedied fast before I get anymore fidgety from the lack of physical exertion. Wish me luck.



  1. go ahead and do it with out the strap you big baby! and remedy the strap issue quickly

  2. oh my! that was kinda saucy for me... ummmm but it was the first words that came to mind :) I look forward to see what you do as an alternative.

  3. That's a bummer. Go for a walk as fast as you can for 45 minutes. You'll burn 400 calories.

  4. What a bummer! Not getting in exercise when I'd planned on it can totally ruin my day. I hope you fix your bike soon. :) Good luck, Em!