Saturday, May 1, 2010

The May Day Challenge

Some of you may know that Clyde set up a May Day challenge on his blog. If you didn't know about it basically everyone who wanted to participate just named their goal that they wanted to achieve by May 1st.

My goal was to be under 300 pounds. I was 313 at the end of March which meant I had to lose 14 pounds by today. However, I achieved my goal early when I weighed in on Monday at 296. Still I weighed in today because today is May 1st and I weighed in at 293! 3 more pounds lost since Monday! So that means I lost 20 pounds in April (actually over a 33 day span) All I can say to that is : " WOW"

Eventually I'll post the results on Clyde's blog as well but it may have to be later. I'm guessing he will read this post before I get to do that. Thanks for setting up the May Day Challenge Clyde! It was a good motivator for the month of April. I'm looking forward to eventually seeing how everyone did!



  1. I am so happy for you, Marcus. You worked it...hard and the results prove it! I am looking forward to seeing great results contuing in your life-changing journey!

  2. How awesome MM!!! You met the challenge and then some!

  3. Way to go Marcus! You did an awesome job.

  4. WOW is right! Holy cannoli! Great job. :)

    20 lbs./month... That's the rate at which I GAINED during the last half of my pregnancy. Haha, I wish I could lose like you do! Keep it up, Eminem!