Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Have Added A New Weapon!

A new weapon in my arsenal of fitness to help combat my personal war on obesity. It's a Bosu ball. They get a lot of good reviews and seem to have an endless list of possibilities for exercise moves, positions, etc.

Good for balance and working on your core. You can use it flat side down or flat side up. BOSU stands for Both Sides Utilized. You can do strength stuff like push ups or squats on it. You can do cardio stuff and use it like a step. You can also just stand on it and balance on it while doing any other exercise you would normaly do standing up. Like bicep curls or shoulder presses, etc etc..

I wanted to get one a while ago but they have a 300 pound max limit rating on them. Not a problem anymore! Kind of pricy at $160 but it came in a kit with 4 DVD's. I was trying to stand on it flat side up on one foot just now. Not easy, well not really hard but harder then you would think it would be.

If anyone watches The Biggest Loser you have probably seen the Bosu ball in action. In one episode they showed a clip of a US Olympic athlete standing on one with one foot AND twirling a hula hoop around her waist. I can barely stand on it and I can't hula with both feet on the ground.

The Most important thing about the Bosu ball to remember is that your dog will love it!

note... Not really my dog just a picture I found.



  1. MM I was eying these but the price was too high for me :( Please please please give us some reviews and let me know what you think of it, if you think it is really an investment I should consider... :)

  2. Also Ive been eying this. I want it sooooooo bad but its $200.00 :( I dont know if youve heard of it but its called the body bug.

    Maybe when I have some more real fitness under my belt Ill ask the hubby, but for now its just on the "drool" list.

  3. I've wondered about these as well, but yes, a bit pricey. I also wondered about a kettleball from

    What do you guys think?

  4. Honestly Clyde and HoneyB

    I think everything works. Exercise is exercise. As long as it is something you can enjoy and keep doing. If your nutrition is good then you just got to move and sweat and work.

    I'm starting to believe that diet is 85% of the equation. Theres no way I have the results I do if I put in the same amount of work but was eating the same foods that I was eating prior to this lifestyle change.

    So yeah, Kettle balls are good and so are Bosu balls but if they just sit unused in a corner then nothing happens right?

    I think I am going to like the bosu. I just stood on it trying to keep my balance for about 10 minutes during part of the hockey game tonight. I can already feel that I did something to the muscles on the front and back of my legs from the ankle to the knee.

  5. Looks like a lot of exercising fun. Let us know what you think. Another weapon never hurts in the war.

  6. Haha, I LOVE the dog pic!

    My gym has a few of those BOSU balls. They look intimidating! I have foot problems (that I just blogged about, actually), and my balance is worse than bad. How good is your balance in general? You'll have to keep us updated on the BOSU ball!

  7. Did you see the 7 goals??? That is how they usually play when they are on their game. Hope that can do it three more times in a row.

  8. Great choice, its so versitile. I hope you love it! and secretly hate it because it challenges you ;)