Monday, March 8, 2010

My first workout

I purchased a very nice spin bike in January of 2009, the best my money could buy at the time. It's a Schwinn Evolution - SR. I was following up on a new years resolution to exercise and lose weight. 14 months later the bike is still in brand new condition unused.... unless you count acting as a clothes hanger.

So with my new found resolve I dusted the bike off, got my water bottle ready and a towel for all the sweating I was going to do in my first workout.

I lasted 5 minutes. In that time my forehead got a little damp and I never touched the water. My thighs were burning, even as I type now almost an hour later they are both yelling at me. Man am I ever out of shape.

Thinking positively, thats five minutes more biking than I did in the last 14 months. Maybe tomorrow I can do 6 minutes?

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