Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5 yr old girl crushes 315 pound man

I was over at a friends place today and I was talking with his daughter who is only 5 and very smart. Seriously, the kid was full on reading books at three. She is five now and instead of reading she puts her finger down and scans through a page in about 5-7 seconds. Even her dad, who is a brain himself, did not believe she was actually reading the books that quickly but when he tests her on the contents of what she just read it is obvious that she is reading and retaining information.

Anyways, the kid loves to read, and I mean LOVES to read. Which is kind of troubling because she might read something not suitable for a five year old. Like the time she got her hands on a high school biology book and then explained to me how babies are made in full graphic detail. Or when she read a book titled "True Ghost Stories" and then was scared to be alone.

A lot of the time when I speak with little 5 year old Jenny it would feel like an adult conversation except for the super tiny voice. Her vocabulary is amazing.

So today we were talking about me trying to lose weight, and healthy foods, muscles, fat and exercise in general. That's when she said "I think you would be categorized as obese Marcus." Wow did that sting. I think if she had said "fat" instead of obese it wouldn't of cut so deep.

Jenny wasn't trying to be mean. She was just using her little scientist brain. For her poltergeists can be dangerous, a penis ejaculates semen and Marcus is obese. Just the facts. And that is how a little 5 year old girl with glasses crushed a 315 pound man today.

Being that today was a planned day off did not help. Tomorrow, however, is a planned day on. While I'm riding that bike tomorrow morning I'm going to think of all the big fancy words Jenny can use to "categorize" me once I've lost this weight.

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  1. In a year, she'll have forgotten what "Massive Marcus" looked like. You'll just be "Marcus". Great post.