Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Weigh In Results

My third weigh in so far and by far my best week in terms of exercise and nutrition. I lost 2 pounds this week which brings my total loss to 14 pounds.

I find myself in a little bit of a confused zone. On one hand I am happy to lose the 2 lbs but on the other I am disappointed that it is not more. Based on my first 2 weeks and how hard I worked this week I was hoping for a 4 or a 5.

I was going to erase the previous paragraph because I gave myself a shake and reminded myself that my goal is 2 - 3 pounds per week so it's GOAL ACHIEVED! I decided to leave the paragraph in because>> thats what I was truthfully thinking when I wrote it. In this paragraph I decided that I should feel more positive about the week.

I really worked out hard and I had some good motivation going head to head with Clyde. I thank him for that. I wonder if 2 pounds will be enough? Definitely beatable. I haven't been to his blog yet but considering it's 6:30am I'm guessing it's too early for him and I'll have to wait until I get done work to know how my virtual challenger did.

I am reminding myself that this is a long journey and for the third week in a row I have moved closer to my desired destination. Another battle won in the war.



  1. I just weighed and posted a 3 pound loss. As you said, we both win, because I think you are right that a 2-3 pound goal is reasonable and healthy.

    As far as motivation, I think you won this round because you seem to be doing both exercise and nutrition. I need to step up my game.

    As to your 2 pound loss, keep in mind that you lost 4 last week...that averages to a 3 pound per week loss. Again, that is awesome.

    I found this very motivating and I thank you for it.

    Round two?

  2. Hey, one more about we both strive to hit 299 (or lower) by May 1st?

  3. Hey :o)
    2-3 pounds is heaps! We always lose more in the first couple of weeks of living healthy, so try not to strive for that in your head, so you don't get downhearted if you don't. But it will be a nice surprise if you do.
    Keep up the great work! :o)