Saturday, March 20, 2010

In the Dark at 5am...

Thats what time I have to set my alarm clock to get some exercise in before work. This morning when it when it went off I thought to myself: " Ugghhh... grumble, grumble..." I crawled out of bed and across the room to shut it off. I have to put my alarm clock out of arms reach on the opposite side of the room or else I'll shut it off and stay in bed.

Standing there in my room at 5am looking out the window at the darkness I had a real urge to just reset the alarm clock for 6am, cancel the workout and jump back into my warm bed. That is not what I ended up doing. I got on with the day and did what I had planned to do.

The first 5 minutes of my bike ride were slow and I was probably half asleep but slowly, as the blood started pumping and those little beads of sweat started to appear on my forehead, I felt better and better. When it was all said and done I had put in a solid 30 minute bike ride and added a few abdominal crunches to the end of the workout.

Driving to work at 7am after a workout , a healthy breakfast and with some healthy packed meals for the day felt really good. Plus I felt like I had a little jump in my step and some noticeable mental clarity throughout the workday. A noticeable difference from getting up at the last possible minute and then rushing through a McDonalds drive thru for breakfast on the way to work.

I'm so glad that I resisted that urge for the extra hour of sleep. That is one battle won for me in this war on obesity. Now I am eagerly anticipating a good Sunday and hopefully a rewarding Monday weigh in!

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  1. Dude, that is awesome. I can totally identify with how hard it can be. I have yet to wrap my head around an early morning workout routine, but I think its coming. Thanks for the inspiration.