Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Yin and Yang Weekend

Had one good day, Sunday, and one bad day, Saturday, this weekend. Well I should not really say bad as much as not great.

On Saturday I was at a friends place for a BBQ. Regular BBQ food was available, burgers, dogs, potato salad, you know what I mean. So I indulged in a burger which was a pretty big burger, maybe a half a pound before cooking. I had it on a regular white bread large hamburger bun and loaded it up with lettuce and tomato, I said no thanks to the cheese and other badies like mayo. I ate the whole thing with a side of regular salad(no dressing)

Man I did not feel good,physically or mentally, after eating that. I think it was the grease from the burger. I haven't eaten anything like that for weeks, not even red meat. I've been eating a steady diet of turkey, chicken and fish for my meat proteins. You can really see the difference in these meats when you cook them compared to beef. There is no dripping grease causing BBQ flame ups from a burger made from ground turkey.

I knew it wasn't the best choice to make but I thought: "It's a nice sunny day with friends", and they looked so good as I helped cook them, "Why not treat myself to one burger?" To be honest it didn't taste that good, I would of rather had anything from my menu of the last few weeks and like I said earlier I didn't feel good after eating it. It's also the first time I've eaten bread that wasn't of some whole grain variety.

I think back and I don't know how I was eating this stuff before. It's only been about 2 months but before I started I probably would of had 2 of those burgers with cheese and mayo and nice heaping pile of potato salad to go with it. I guess I am starting to get accustomed to eating healthier food and my body kind of revolted when I threw that grease ball down my gullet.

So my body and I are in agreement: We like the clean fuel much more. Next BBQ I go to I am going to bring along my own food to throw on the grill. Something that I already discussed with my friends and they are very supportive.

I don't think Saturday will derail my weigh in on Monday, I had a great day today with the exercise and nutrition. I am totally expecting to break the 300 mark tomorrow!



  1. That's great that your friends are supportive! I'm excited about your weigh-in tomorrow. :)

    Having your body react badly to bad food is a wonderful thing. Congrats on reaching that point in your healthy eating!

  2. Marcus, we both are still in the learning phase of what our bodies will like and digest well, based on the changes. Good for you for not letting it totally derail you.

    Looking forward to seeing your weigh-in tomorrow!