Monday, April 5, 2010

Sacrifices, Rewards and Weigh-ins

The Sacrifice: Cutting up cheese cakes and not eating any. Refilling large bowls with chips and MM's and not snacking on them. The killer: After surviving through dinner A large tub of moose tracks ice cream is placed in the middle of the table , that one was real tough to turn away from but i did!

The Reward: The scale says I'm down 4 lbs this week! A nice surprise indeed!

After yesterday I was bracing myself for a possible gain. I ate good stuff but overdid it a bit. I felt stuffed. It's was the most I have eaten in one sitting in a month.

The Numbers: 4 pounds lost this week, 18 pounds lost total.


  1. a 4 lb loss over Easter? That's amazing. You rock!

  2. That IS amazing! Congrats on this. I thought I was doing well, but the numbers only showed a 2 pound loss for me, so you won this round, my friend.

    Thanks for the good fight. Let's keep it up!

    And did you see that Cactus Freek lost 5.7 lbs?!?

  3. Good job!! keep it up.

    I have to say that this happened to me from time to time while I was loosing... secrets of the unknown!!!!!!