Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Lure of the Scale

I've only been weighing myself on Mondays and I've liked the anticipation of what the scale may say. I think it helps motivate me week to week. But lately there has been an overwhelming pull to weigh myself the morning after a good day of nutrition and exercise. I have yet to give in to that urge but it is getting hard.

It is interesting that before this quest for health the scale was something that I avoided. I did not want to know what I weighed, I did not even like to think about it. These days I think about it all the time. Today specifically I am thinking about how the last 2 days since my official Monday weigh in have gone great and with 4 days and 5 sleeps till my next weigh in I so want to know where I am at today.

I guess it kind of touches on one of my earlier posts about facing the problem head on and engaging in a solution as opposed to avoiding it and or drowning it with more food.

Beyond just loving food I am an emotional eater as well. Food would always make me feel better but that feeling was always short lived and replaced with regret and depression which would lead to more eating. What a vicious cycle that can be. Today, completing a good workout gives me that good feeling and it lasts all day.

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  1. You sound like you are in that disciplined "work" phase that is getting you results. That is great. Keep it up!