Saturday, July 10, 2010

It only hurts when I Breathe

Too bad I have to keep breathing. I'm not going to sugar coat it... This really really sucks. It is so frustrating. I can't do any movement without having pain in my lower back. I had to drive to the doctors office and then to the pharmacy this week, very painful to drive. Every bump, curb, twisting to check blind spots, even just steering brings the pain.

Still haven't slept well since the accident. I sleep a couple of hours and then am awake for a couple and then sleep for a couple. I am totally off kilter.

According to my doc the best thing I can do is to keep moving but obviously not do high impact stuff. He told me to do as much as I could tolerate pain wise. I tried riding my bike today, I couldn't even stay on it for 5 minutes. Just the reaching for the handle bars is too much.

So I've been taking lots of hot baths and watching tv and trying to get some sleep. It's nice to be off work but not like this.

One thing my doctor said to me is that my ability to recover will be much better then if I hadn't started losing weight and becoming much healhtier. Which I have to believe is true. If I was still almost 330 pounds with this back pain... Yikes!



  1. ...but you are still breathing, my brother. Sounds like it could have been so much worse.

    Maybe you'll be stuck with walking as your main workout for awhile.

    (does this mean I have some to try to catch your weight loss? You started after me and lost twice as much!...makin' me look bad, man!)

    Heal up fast, MM.

  2. Oh, Marcus! My poor dear! :( You are a tough guy. Keep hanging in there. Wow, I wish I had something more encouraging to say. :( BIG HUGS!

    That's great to hear that your weight loss means a speedier recovery!

    Well, today I ran the 7-miler dedicated to you. You were with me in spirit, dude.

  3. Marcus, people are rooting for a speedy recovery!

  4. Thanks guys,

    Christina, 7 miles! That is awesome. I couldn't drive 7miles right now... Lol.