Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finding my inner Maniac

Had a good... a very good day yesterday! Even though my weigh in says I am up 1 whole pound from the previous week before.

So what made yesterday so good? I'll tell you. It's because I had not one but two great workouts yesterday! I started my day with a solid 45 minute bike ride. Felt real good, no back pain issues, good pace, pouring sweat, just what I needed! Beyond the physical benefits of riding the bike this particular ride was mentally cleansing in a way. That post riding "glow" of satisfaction when you get off the bike and know that you've done something really good for yourself..... I was really missing that.

After my morning ride and shower and breakfast I went to work. Feeling good from my morning workout I had a nice little spring in my step, was very productive and the best part : I had no issues with my back! I didn't even think about it for most of the day as opposed to a few weeks ago being aware 24/7 and moving differently/slowly/carefully all the time. Great news!

So after work I went home, took a nap. When I woke up still feeling good I went to the gym and lifted weights for my chest and back. I was being careful not to put my back in a bad position where it was unsupported but I also didn't go easy on myself. I lifted heavy weights and pushed hard. Each time I did a set of weights and got through it pain free I was getting more and more mentally pumped. At some point I had to reign myself in because my inner maniac started to show up. That voice that in my head that says " You are an unstoppable machine.... Let's do so more weight..... Let's do some MORE WEIGHT.... MORE! HARDER! GRRRRRR!

I had to tell the maniac to shut up. I kind of felt like Bruce Banner fighting not to lose control and turn into the incredible hulk. My eyes started to turn green but I kept the beast at bay. But I'm not going to hold him back for long. I'm going to unleash that beast soon and when i do people better get out of his path of destruction. The maniac is hungry and frothing at the mouth, pacing back and forth like a caged animal just waiting for his opportunity. Driven, motivated, he will stop at nothing. He cant be reasoned with, he doesnt feel pity, remorse or pain.

For now he is locked up in my minds cage but I've got the key in the lock and I'm about to fucking turn it!

MMM (Maniacaly Massive Marcus)


  1. nice to hear you are coming back... but be careful and consistant!

  2. Love the fact that you are biking so much besides all the other things. I have really increased my stamina in biking over the past couple of weeks. Feels GREAT!!! Go Maniac Marcus!!

  3. WOOHOO! I love the workout beast inside you! HOT!

  4. Beware of the man in the purple pants!

  5. Sounding good Marcus!! Great job on the double workout today! :)

  6. love it and am now singing the song from Flashdance (and dating myself):

    hes a maaanic maaaanic....


  7. Dude I already did a 5k this morning that wore me out, but reading this makes me wanna get the weights out and go like mad! You go Marcus!!!

  8. Isn't it just crazy-satisfying when you can get in two good workouts in one day? I know this will happen more for me once school is back in session.

  9. Haha, too funny. Been there, done that, caged that beast. I LUUURVE to workout hard, but the current diet I'm on only allows for 30 min a day because of the low calorie intake. So sad. I remember the good old days when I would workout for 7-8 hours a day and it was FUN! That was when I didn't feel creaky in the morning. ;-)

    Since you are able to bike, are you able to spin? I think you would LOVE a spin class based on your inner maniac's tastes...

    Polar's Mom

  10. UM.......where the hell are you???????? :)

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